St. Elizabeth - The MILL - ABHA Architects

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and additional photos of the spaces in use.

The MILL, or MakerSpace and Innovative Learning Lab, is a multi-use teaching space focused on science, technology, engineering and math.  The suite contains a large main lab and adjacent maker space.  A glazed interactive wall separates the two spaces and serves as a partition, a teaching wall and a writing surface. The project transformed two general classrooms into one modern space.  The MILL can easily morph from lecture to team mode, utilizing flexible furniture and mobile teaching aids available in the large space. Teachers are more able to utilize active learning strategies that most directly impact student engagement. The MILL is available for use by all faculty members and classes, and encourages a modern skill set of presentation, collaboration, research and global awareness.

Click the link below to read the Wilmington News Journal article about this project and other maker spaces.

"Schools say bye to shop class, hello to maker space"