About Us - ABHA Architects

The Firm

ABHA Architects operates with the goal of excellence in design and client service. With an emphasis on reaching a clear understanding of each client’s needs and design criteria, the firm has an excellent reputation for continually developing and refining the design and management skills necessary to produce high quality buildings.

Many of our commissions are complex planning and building projects that involve a wide variety of interests, from the client, to users, to local agencies and community groups. As a result, we have developed an experienced working approach that encourages communication and participation throughout the design and construction process. We understand that a strong architectural vision, coupled with attention to the specifics of program goals is essential to achieve the broad support necessary for a successful project.

Pre-Design Services
  • Site analysis
  • Sustainable design review
  • Programming and conceptual design
  • Energy targets, design options & required due diligence
  • Facilities standards review
  • Scope and budget confirmation
  • Early meetings with code and state agencies
  • Bidding and budget control strategies
  • Renderings, 3D/2D graphics
  • Presentations to stake holders, users
Basic Design Services
  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Construction documents
  • Review with state and code agencies
  • Specifications with product research
  • Roofing systems
  • Budget estimate confirmation at critical stages
  • Interior finishes
  • Construction phase administration
  • Electronic management of construction documents
Other Services
  • Furniture programming and bidding
  • Inventory and move-in assistance
  • Signage and graphics
  • Hardscape design

Successful design can only result from an analytical process that provides a rational basis for decision and action. Two key parts of this process are an involved client and a skilled design team. The self-awareness and judgement of the client; the experience and imagination, the design - these are all essential to any successful addition to our physical environment whether it be a simple room or a comprehensive masterplan. Recognized for its leadership in helping to strengthen communities through design excellence, the firm's success is reflected in the high number of repeat projects and ongoing client relationships it has enjoyed since its founding in 1949.